• ENE-EPS-5
  • 電力供應系統
  • 確保電纜線線徑符合電力需求
  • Resistive losses occur in cabling. Equipment w ith a l arge power usage should, therefore, be supplied from a high voltage supply as close as possible, e .g. the corresponding transformer should be as close as possible.
    Cables to equipment should be oversized to prevent unnecessary resistance and losses as heat. The power supply can be optimised by using high efficiency equipment such as transformers.
    Other high efficiency equipment such as motors, i s covered in Section 3.6, compressors in Section 3.7, and pumps in Section 3.8.


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  • ●improved reliability of equipment
    ●reduced losses in downtimes
    ●consider the costs on an operating lifetime basis.


  • Savings in equipment downtime and power consumption.


  • Energy Efficiency (2009) 3.5.3