• ENE-C-21
  • 燃燒處理系統
  • 藉由隔熱材減少熱損失
  • The heat losses through the walls of the combustion system are determined by the diameter of the pipe and the thickness of the insulation. An optimum insulation thickness which relates energy consumption with economics should be found in every particular case.
    Efficient thermal insulation to keep heat losses through the walls at a minimum is normally achieved at the commissioning stage of the installation. However, insulating material may progressively deteriorate, and must be replaced after inspection following maintenance programmes. Some techniques using infrared imaging are convenient to identify the zones of damaged insulation from outside while the combustion installation is in operation in order to plan repairs during shutdown.


  • Use of insulation material.


  • All cases.


  • Low cost, especially if carried out at shutdown times. Insulation repair can be carried out during campaigns.


  • Energy Efficiency (2009) 3.1.7