• ENE-DSC-9
  • 烘乾、分離和濃縮處理系統
  • 操作-乾燥系統具備隔熱功能
  • As with all heated equipment, heat losses can be reduced by insulating the drying system, such as ovens and steam pipes and condensate pipes (see also Section 3.2.11). The type of insulation used and the thickness required depends on the operating temperature of the system, the materials being dried and if liquids other than water are being removed, or if the water vapour may be contaminated (e.g. with acid vapour).
    The insulation needs to be maintained, as it can suffer deterioration with time due to embrittlement, mechanical damage, action of damp (e.g. from condensing water vapour, steam leaks) or contact with chemicals. Damaged insulation can be identified by visual inspection or by infrared scanning, see Section 2.10.1.

    絕熱設施會因為使用日久、外力損傷、化學性侵蝕、潮溼(凝結水、蒸汽洩漏) 而降低絕熱效果,故需要經常性的維護保養。

  • None identified.


  • When insulating a large drying system or refurbishing a plant.


  • These can be calculated on a project basis.


  • Energy Efficiency (2009)