• ENE-DSC-7
  • 烘乾、分離和濃縮處理系統
  • 操作-過熱蒸汽
  • Superheated steam is steam heated to a temperature higher than the boiling point of water at a given pressure. It cannot exist in contact with water, nor contain water, and resembles a perfect gas; it is also called surcharged steam, anhydrous steam, and steam gas. Superheated steam can be used as a heating fluid instead of hot air in any direct dryers ( where the heating fluid is indirect contact with the product); for example, in spray drying, in a fluidised bed, in a spouted bed, in drums, etc.

    過熱蒸汽的定義:在一定壓力下把蒸汽加熱到比水沸點更高的溫度形成過熱蒸汽。過熱蒸汽不含水分,類似完全氣體。它有好幾個名稱; superheated , surcharged、anhydrous(無水蒸汽)、steam gas(蒸汽氣體)。過熱蒸汽可用來作為烘乾用的流體,取代直接式烘乾機的熱空氣(熱流體與產品不直接接觸),如噴灑式烘乾、流體床、噴流層乾燥、滾筒式乾燥燈方法。

  • Thermosensitive products can be damaged by the high temperature.


  • Any direct dryers can be retrofitted with superheated steam. Tests should be conducted to guarantee the product quality, and economic calculations have to be made.


  • The investment is generally higher, especially when MVR is used.


  • Energy Efficiency (2009)