• ENE-DSC-6
  • 烘乾、分離和濃縮處理系統
  • 操作-間接加熱乾燥
  • Direct heating is achieved primarily by convection. A warm or hot gas, usually air (which may be mixed with the combustion gases of the fuel) or steam ( see Section is passed through, over or around the material(s) to be dried, which may be in e.g. a rotating drum, on racks or jigs.
    Typical direct drying systems are:
    ●with a flowing gas:
    ○ e.g. rotating drum, drying oven or kiln, tunnel dryers, spiral belt dryers, tray dryers
    ●with aerated solids:
    ○ e.g. through circulator, batch dryers, stationary rack dryers
    ●with large scale agitation of solids:
    ○ e.g fluidised bed, spin flash drying.


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  • Energy Efficiency (2009)